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Bus Tracking System

In today’s alarming situation, when criminal activities are emerging day by day, security has become a crucial issue .There are times when the issue of safety keeps prevailing in guardians mind. It doesn’t let them feel concentrated. And with so much work burden Parents too feel dispersed. But when technology is there then why to experience the feeling of terror, so to eradicate this fearsome situation our technocrats has developed the app .PTM app keeps the record of all student’s route. With its help Parents, school administration may track their siblings. Nowadays when crime has grown up so our PTM app makes guardians and another feel secured. It keeps the record of daily pick up and drop. So there can’t happen any chance of mistake in attendance. It keeps bus information as how many buses are there, how many students are there in that bus, bus no.. It also tells which driver is running which bus. If there occurs any emergency case then the app facilitates with the emergency calling. It keeps the record of daily receiving and dropping students. It keeps the entire students’ route and map record .It by tracing buses provides the location, using this app one can even contact with student in emergency.

Staff Management

Parents-Teacher meeting is a crucial issue . And going to school every weekend or twice in a month sometimes become difficult . And paying negligence towards this is to ruin owns’ Human Resource. That becomes more detrimental. Thus we have Parents-Teacher-Meeting app to solve the problem.

Here we have Period’s Chart. By this student can regularly arrange their bag according to that. Parents can also check whether they did it appropriately or not. They may ask about the learning of that particular day.

This app facilitates with student’s attendance Register , daily C.W/H.W update , viewing / writing/solving inbox of student’s , exam records .

There may be some sarcastic situation when student arrived in bus but not in class .So in order to eradicate the problem. , attendance register’s viewing facility is here. It makes more transparency between student and teacher. Even student can itself calculate checkage of presence.

Even there are times when student don’t go to school and the one wants to know the homework or what was taught in the class. Instead of asking someone using the app one may itself know the homework accurately or get notified. Even guardians, Principal can see all this and results.

As by having the knowledge all the things anyone can analyse one’s report within no time and put a step forward to improve that.

Parents and Students Management

One may also see the school campus, it’s classes, ground, hall and so on . This provides an idea of the campus to folks. They can see it on their home also. Even they may see various school campuses at home. Parents may get notified of pick up/drop/attendance, their kid entering bus , class-room etc. And so they may just stand on their destination and receive/send their young ones’ without wasting time. Using this app one may see school’s profile. For e.g. Photos of functions, students’ extra curriculum activity, their participation, daily notification, attendance, study reports etc. This app also provides the facility of Result viewing.

Complete School Management System

Whole management of school seems just a click apart. Here on PTM-app we have different and specialised Dashboard for Parents, student’s and Teacher so that they may post their queries and suggestions.

PTM- Care is the way will prove the best option for regularizing school management. This app keeps the recordings of school student in an regularized way. It manages staff too as it keeps the record as who was present / absent and so one may find it easier to manage the staff .With its feature of bus tracking both the parents and teacher feel secured. PTM-Care app helps admin to make class- period management. He can also make Class-Wise syllabus and if any guardians have some query regarding that or for anything else may inbox message. By this class – wise attendance, home-work can be viewed. Parents can easily see the fees structure of various classes. Admin can manage all the activities that are directly or indirectly associated with school /institution for e.g. Creating Transfer – Certificate, Admit card.

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