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When in today’s era everything is getting digitalised, security of young ones’ is emerging as a vital issue, reducing parents teacher gap has become essential, so in order to solve all these problems, our 15+ experienced and specialised experts in their particular field, thought to create PTM-Care app. This app keeps record of their each and every student for eg. Route record.

their attendance etc. This app will be beneficial in removing gap between parents and teachers, will boost transparency that will lead to improved results. And so they may achieve have more and that in lesser efforts. Those are not the magnificent, sky-crapping building that mourns a child into successful being, but it’s an appropriate guidance, curious mind and an aware conscious parent, and a teacher-parent tuning.

Why choose PTM Care?

  • All Student Data management
  • All Staff Data management
  • Bus route management
  • Parent Mobile App
  • Teacher Mobile App
  • Driver Mobile App
  • Smart Student Attendance
  • Fast Implementation
  • Improves Quality of Teaching
  • Upload Event and news Photos
  • Manage school profile
  • Improve 40% overall working efficiency
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Dedicated support team
  • Regular new features & updates
  • Qualified and passionate team
  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Data security
  • Reduce paper waste

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Ptm Care was born out of an idea of three young engineers: "When everything is getting digital, why not an educational organisation?"